“Psychohistory was the quintessence of sociology; it was the science of human behavior reduced to mathematical equations. The individual human being is unpredictable, but the reactions of human mobs, Seldon found, could be treated statistically.”

― Isaac Asimov, Second Foundation


Over the last 15 years, my career has been along the key theme of helping machines understand humans, and bringing these technologies into products that impact our lives in a meaningful way.

I started programming computers in middle school and tinkering with robotics came shortly after. After completing an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering, I started at the MIT Media Lab working on the first generation of wearables. In the mid/late 2000s, my research and projects focused on modeling human voice and conversational dynamics. In 2008, I led one of the largest studies at the time, using mobile phones as digital exhaust— to help understand the diffusion of political opinions, music trends and health behaviors by instrumenting an entire community (an MIT student dorm) for a year. Along the way, my colleagues & I won the DARPA Red Balloon challenge— in 9 hours.

This research led me to start We provide high-quality, on-demand emotional health support that spans coaching, self-care and tele-psychiatry, within 60 seconds. We combine a nationwide medical practice with AI & automation, from the ground up to deliver an industry leading experience— access in 60 seconds, clinical outcomes that exceed leading studies and scalability that far exceeds traditional care. today is one of the leaders in on-demand behavioral health, and offered as an employee health benefit in the US, and internationally. After 6 years as Founder/CEO, I recently moved to a CTO role.

At, we have built one of the largest mental health repositories of its kind— combining over 600 billion hours of behavior data, with 1.5 million symptom assessments, and all the information about what users talk to their clinicians about, how they get treated, and what medications work for them. We’ve recruited an incredible team, built industry-leading machine learning models, a patent portfolio and validated our approach in 20+ research studies with leading US academic institutions like UCSF and Partners Healthcare.




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  • 2016 - World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer

  • 2014 - Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Healthcare

  • 2014 - 100 Most Creative People by FastCompany

  • 2012 - Janssen Alzheimers Challenge - Overall winner, Prize $200,000

  • 2011 - SXSW Startup Accelerator - Category Winner

  • 2011 - Sanofi Aventis/Health Human Services Data Design Diabetes Challenge Diabetes- Overall winner, Prize $130,000.

  • 2009 - DARPA Red Balloon Challenge— Winning team out of 4300 competitors across the US, completed 9-day challenge in less than 9 hours. Prize $40,000. Featured on Colbert Report, invited to DARPA HQ in Washington DC.

  • 2008 - MIT 100k Entrepreneurship Competition-  Second place in the Mobile track (SocialSense) US $11,500 prize

  • 2008 - Venture Capital Investment Competition - Only non-MBA finalist

  • 2005-06 Highlands and Islands Enterprises Fellow, Inverness, Scottish Highlands. Founding Fellow, US $75,000 fellowship

  • 2004 MIT 1k Entrepreneurship Competition Category Winner (iMetrico) US$ 4000 award

  • 2004 MIT Enterprise Forum- Team Award for Most Visionary Research Demonstration

  • 2003 Pune University, India -Motorola Medal for Academic Excellence, one of over 1000 engineering graduating seniors

  • 2003 & Before- Numerous engineering awards for undergraduate projects, student robot competitions and technical papers at IIT Mumbai and Pune University, India